How Mike got $500,000 Revenue from Roof Replacements during the 2021 slow season.

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Created Feb, 19th 2021

LeadGen.Illuminati focuses on large-ticket local service jobs to empower Small Business Owners to grow from a steady flow of Calls.

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Listen to a handful of the actual live call as Mike works his magic. Mike received a total of 153 Calls during the Roofing Industry "Slow Season.

How was your slow season?

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Hear how Mike brought in $500K in Roof Replacements

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After watching the video, you understand why Mike is one of our "Superhero" Roofing Salesman!

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Mike was wanting to grow his business but found it hard to find a reputable company who could provide him with high-quality leads. When he started receiving our Live-Transfer Phone Calls, he instantly fell in love.

Before working with LeadGen.Illuminati, Mike had not had much success with marketing firms. He had several companies he worked with who turned out to be scam marketers.

There was a study I read a few years back about how up to 75% to 80% of marketers were either fraudulent or using out-dated methods that can harm your reputation. They really didn’t know anything about sales and marketing and only took his hard-earned money. They came out with another study which says only 3% of the population like marketers, they ranked with Used Car Salesmen and some other glaring examples. To much "Snake Oil" into today's world.

By combining our Quality Leads with his excellent phone salesmanship our partnership instantly hit a "Grand-Slam" Home-run out of the park and he has not stop to look back.

We are so happy to have found Mike and look forward to a long-term working relationship adding new marketing channel to grow his business hand-in-hand.

Thanks Mike, for being part of the LeadGen.Illuminati family!

We look forward to a great future!!!

The Results

When we start working with Mike, he start receiving a steady stream of callers keeping him busy.

During the "Slow Season" Mike receive a total 153 Total Calls

That does no even include the last part of Feburary 2021!

During the Roofing Industry "Slow Season" Mike still continued to receive a steady flow of quality leads and even on the slowest of weeks, he still receives at least 5 calls a week.

As you heard from the video showcasing just under 30 Roof Replacement calls. Click watch the video and hear Mike's actual calls for yourself.

LeadGen.Illuminati mainly focuses on large-ticket replacements and commercial jobs to maximize your growth potential. After all a happy client equals growth for our company as well.

The Process

LeadGen.Illuminati mainly focuses on large-ticket replacements and commercial jobs to maximize your growth potential. After all, a happy client equals growth for our company as well.

During the "Slow Season" Mike receive a total 153 Total Calls

The program we setup for Mike started out slow and now that we have "Earned" mutual trust, together we have started working on other marketing channels to grow Mike's business even more.

We come from Texas where traditionally respect is "Earned" and not given. In our past we have done many "Good-Ole Boy Handshake" agreements and that approach has never led us down the wrong path.

We look for client who share the same time-hardened old fashion beliefs and as you can tell from Mike's actual phone calls, he strives to provide a quality service to his clients as well. Click here to watch the video and hear Mike's actual calls for yourself.

Teaming up and partnering with shared business morals knocks a home-run out of the park every time.

Full Disclosure

We can only help companies that can handle the call volume and are serious about answering each & every call. Our expertise only excels when matched with a company that is prepared to manage the calls properly, like Mike.

Today's consumer expects fast results and statistics show 85% of first-time callers to your business will simply "hang up" & call the next guy on the list if you do no answer your phone.

The quickest way to "Double" your business; ANSWER YOUR PHONE

If you need help providing complete phone coverage, we can also offer a service to answer and schedule the calls for you.

Local Service Business Owners Say

Trevor Guilday

Marketing Agency Owner

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Mike Edgerton

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Sam Deane

Watch Testimonial Video
Watch Testimonial Video


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Jason Wells, Owner
Wells Roofing



$1 Million from 1 Lead



uHaul Supercenter
$1Million 7-Acre Roof

Starting Feb 19th, 2021, we began to showcase Mike Edgerton with the great results we have produced for him in the early part of this year.

This is an effort to show potential new clients the results you can expect from LeadGen.Illuminati,

Expect more Case Studies in the near future and you can preview some of the highlights below.

After 7 very successful years as a client, Jason semi-retired at 37, moved to Thailand and married a beautiful Thai wife. Jason now has 1 beautiful daughter and 1 bun in the oven.
He is Living the Dream! Running his business remote from the Beach.

Hear the call where David tells us how he paid for 7 years of advertising with a single client who he received over a $1 Million in work from a single Lead we produced. That paid for over 1200 Calls.
We focus on large-ticket jobs to maximize revenues.

$1 Million Roof Replacement for a 7-acre uHaul Supercenter. Hear how our customer received this job for only $200.

Listen to the actual call.

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  • Version 1.0 Feb 19th - Release Initial Version, Initial 30 Roof Replacements
  • Version 1.1 Feb 22nd - Add Change Log, Prepare This weeks Calls Video to be distributed to registrants, Add Blocked Spam Callers Numbers, Nice Feature!

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